Ross Arnold, President

Western Storage

"We have engaged the services of d-Commerce Business Consulting for 3 years for the purpose of:

  • Develop a strategic marketing plan for our company
  • Develop a sales plan and manage our sales staff
  • Create a system for empowering the sales staff to make important business decisions

When we hired Dan and d-Commerce Business Consulting our major goal was to understand the day-to-day activities of our sales force.  As the owner I was frustrated with the lack of productivity of our sales staff.  Because my staff are located in different cities we didn't have a handle on their day-to-day activities.  Dan helped us in solving this problem.  Three years later, we have a sales team whom are extremely productive."

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Tony Wattman, President

AJW Warehouse

"A big thanks to Dan at d-Commerce Business Consulting for his insight and patience in helping us clarify what real value we provide for our customers.

At AJW our “heritage” is rooted in operations, yet with Dan’s help we learned to strategically prospect clients, by effectively communicating the value we offer, using the language our clients are accustomed to.

Please contact me for personal reference at www.ajwwarehousing.com"

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Marcel Dubois, President

Dubois Delivery

"Dan at d-Commerce Business Consulting has helped my business get to the next level.  With his help I am able to see the next several levels as well.  By establishing goals and developing a plan for achieving these goals we have been able to accomplish a lot more then I ever thought possible.  Thank-you Dan, thank-you d-Commerce Business Consulting!"

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