About Us

d-Commerce Business Consulting facilitates the development of a strategic marketing plan, as well as, provides assistance with business restructuring and implementation.


Together with the help of your team, we will roll up our sleeves and begin the task of thoroughly understanding your market including your customers and competition. In doing so, we will learn more about your company including your specific competitive advantages and disadvantages (differentiation).


Your decision to develop a sound strategic sales & marketing plan will allow you to leverage your newly discovered "knowledge" to benefit your business. Benefits of this information include:

1. The Power Of Knowledge

Work together to gain critical knowledge about customers, competitors and the markets they operate in.

2. Establish Profit-based Objectives

Develop SMART business objectives to achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals.

3. Planning for Success

Focused, targeted strategies for the short, medium and long term.



Over the past two years, d-Commerce Business Consulting has been involved in developing several strategic marketing plans as independent projects. At this junction, d-Commerce Business Consulting has three long term clients who seek sales management and training services on an "on-going basis". All of the consulting relationships between d-Commerce Business Consulting and their clients are confidential and cannot be disclosed.


By working together as a team we will develop a road map towards building a strong and long lasting foundation. In just a few meetings, d-Commerce consultants can create tremendous value for clients by helping them connect with the key profit drivers within their business.


Call today to book an initial meeting at no charge.


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